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Main informations about me and what I love to do.

Hello, I'm Victor Nitu

Passionate about data science and software engineering, I'm enjoying working in a continuously evolving industry. I take pleasure in keeping up with the latest advancements through daily learning and practicing. Besides technologies, I nourish a keen interest in foreign cultures by studying new languages and traveling worldwide.

  • Name : Victor René Nițu
  • Company : Phi Skills Sàrl
  • Home : Luxembourg
  • Office : Europe
  • Mother Tongue : French
  • Working Language : English
  • Fluent in : German & Dutch
  • Basics of : Spanish & Russian
  • Nationalities : LU, FR, CA
  • Birth Year : 1989
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over 8 years of experience

over 10 certifications

worked for over 10 clients

had clients from 3 continents

traveled accross 4 continents

owned more than 10 guitars

My Expericence
Ethereum Developer : Project FairChest @ Phi Skills Sàrl
from 2022/07 to now in Luxembourg

Designed and developed an Ethereum Smart Contract in Vyper to facilitate transactions between clients and contractors by certifying documents via OpenZeppelin-based ERC721 tokens.

Data Engineer : Project Sveta @ Phi Skills Sàrl
from 2022/06 to now in Luxembourg

Designed a Shopify app to extract product features from images with Tensorflow and automatically categorize products.

Engineering Manager : The Oz @ Phi Skills Sàrl
from 2020/10 to now in Paris

Managing engineering teams in France, the UK, and Belarus, to develop Shopify Apps in React & Typescript and maintain over 40 ecommerces for a Parisian agency specialized in Shopify.

Data Engineer : The Good Apparel @ Phi Skills Sàrl
from 2020/01 to 2020/03 in London

Designed and developed a virtual stock management solution for an ethical marketplace with Go services to administrate Shopify and machine learning services written in Python and Tensorflow to automate product categorization and content generation.

Software Architect : Project Phi Suite @ Phi Skills Sàrl
from 2019/07 to now in Luxembourg

Designed and developed an event-driven data engineering platform with Elixir, Phoenix, Ecto, Postgres & Redis.

Engineering Manager : Foncia Stark @ VVF Luxembourg
from 2019/01 to 2019/04 in Paris

Managed a team of 5 engineers to build the accounting module of an in-house ERP system in React and Node.js.

Software Architect : R3D Chile @ VVF Luxembourg
from 2018/08 to 2018/08 in Santiago de Chile

Designed and prototyped an event-sourced 3D Printer Farm Orchestration System using Kafka, written in Python and with multiple React user interfaces.

Software Engineer : Figaro Classifieds @ VVF Luxembourg
from 2018/01 to 2018/06 in Paris

Designed and developed a centralised administration platform in Scala and React to manage and distribute enterprise informations to various in-house applications.

Software Engineer : Aperam Europe @ VVF Luxembourg
from 2017/01 to 2017/11 in Luxembourg

Developed and refined a B2B stainless steel e-commerce written in Typescript, Node.js and Angular built on a CQRS architecture.

Software Engineer : European Parliament @ VVF Luxembourg
from 2016/09 to 2016/12 in Luxembourg

Migrated and divided a legacy MEP administration platform into various Java/Spring Restful web services.

Software Engineer : KPMG Luxembourg @ Sfeir Luxembourg
from 2015/12 to 2016/08 in Luxembourg

Developed various libraries and frameworks in Scala and React to build internal financial applications.

Software Engineer : SNCT Luxembourg @ Sfeir Luxembourg
from 2015/09 to 2015/11 in Luxembourg

Developed a vehicle flow tracking platform in Java/Spring and AngularJS.

Software Developer : Project Progwiser @ VVF Luxembourg
from 2015/01 to 2015/08 in Luxembourg

Designed and Build in Java/Spring and Angularjs a database agnostic CMS for simple migration between SQL and NoSQL databases.

Mobile App Developer : Vernez Limited @ VVF Luxembourg
from 2014/06 to 2014/12 in London

Designed and developed an iOS app in Objective-C++ to preprocess and transform clothing pictures with OpenCV into collages to be shared on social medias.

Mobile App Developer : WeAreApps @ VVF Luxembourg
from 2014/02 to 2014/04 in London

Designed and prototyped an indoor location iOS and Android app with the iBeacon technology.

My Education
Cyber Security Essentials - Jedha Bootcamp
2021/10 in Paris

Tooling: Kali Linux, Nmap, Metasploit, Wazuh - Scripting: Bash, Python

Agile Development - University of Virginia
2020/05 in Coursera

  • Agile Meets Design Thinking
  • Hypothesis-Driven Development
  • Agile Analytics
  • Running Product Design Sprints
  • Managing an Agile Team

IBM AI Engineering - IBM
2020/05 in Coursera

  • Scalable Machine Learning on Big Data using Apache Spark
  • Machine Learning with Python

Functional Programming in Scala - EPFL
2020/02 in Coursera

  • Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark
  • Parallel programming
  • Functional Program Design in Scala
  • Functional Programming Principles in Scala

Fullstack Data Science - Jedha Bootcamp
2019/08 in Paris

Machine Learning: Scikit-learn, Fastai, Tensorflow - Big Data: PySpark

Official Docker Training with Docker Inc - Xebia
2016/12 in Paris

Methodology: DevOps - Tools: Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm

Professional Scrum Master I -
2016/10 in Brussels

The Professional Scrum Master level I (PSM I) assessment.

Bachelor in Information Technology - Haute École Léonard de Vinci
2014 in Brussels

Artificial Intelligence: Scala - 3D Development: C++ - Architecture: Java

Bachelor in Computer science - Université libre de Bruxelles
2012 in Brussels

Embedded: C/C++ - Algorithmic: Python, Smalltalk - OS: Linux, Bash

Science and advanced mathematics - Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege
2009 in Brussels

Mathematics: 8 hours per week - Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology

My Skills

My skills devided into 3 main stacks.


Ethereum Smart Contracts



Phoenix Web Applications



Scala Big Data Pipelines


My Projects

My latest major open-Source and commercial projects.

FairChest Smart Contract

Phi Suite Data Platform

Sveta Fashion AI

The Good Apparel Marketplace

R3D Printing Farm

Aperam E-Commerce

My Blog

The Latest Articles I Published About Data Science And Software Engineering.

Event-Driven Machine Learning
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Event-Driven Machine Learning

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Event-Driven Data Collection
April 17, 2020 #DataEngineering, #EventDrivenArchitecture
Event-Driven Data Collection

What is the best way to go fishing for data? Let’s uncover how event-driven data collection fills your databases with valuable information…

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Event-Driven Data Visualization
April 24, 2020 #DataEngineering, #EventDrivenArchitecture
Event-Driven Data Visualization

Data visualization is the crystal ball every industry desperately needs. Companies should not be afraid of fortune-telling, …

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Event-Driven Data Preprocessing
May 1, 2020 #DataEngineering, #EventDrivenArchitecture
Event-Driven Data Preprocessing

Molding raw information into data is a craft that empowers its owner. The art of data preprocessing finds structure inside the chaos…

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